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Compression Therapy


Compression Therapy is a treatment that helps the legs and veins by providing external force that helps keep the blood moving upward, effectively preventing it to pool in the veins of the leg.

The idea of compression remedy is on a simple and powerful technical idea : it involves implementing an flexible clothing around the leg.

By modifying the arm or leg with finished compression – powerful at the rearfoot and reducing going up the leg, the compression selling helps the venous come back, reduces venous stress, stops venous stasis and destroy of venous surfaces, and properly eliminates painful and hefty feet.

Indications and contra-indications

This procedure is recommended by a medical doctor to cure phlebitis, thrombosis, problematic vein medical procedures aftercare, and to reduce all symptoms of serious venous illness (heavy feet, spider blood vessels, oedemas, leg sores..). It can also be recommended to avoid venous problems during pregnancy and extended travel.

Contraindications are restricted : innovative side-line obstructive arterial illness, congestive heart malfunction, septic phlebitis, oozing dermatitis, innovative side-line neuropathy. Very few cases of sensitivity have been revealed to one of the elements.

There are no side effects with compression remedy procedure when company’s measurement data is stringently followed.

Compression classes

Compression hose are available in different certifications of compression with regards to the degree of the pathology to be taken care of. The stress utilized by a compression selling at rearfoot level is assessed in mm of mercury (mmHg). Demand sessions are identified according to different formal rules (AFNOR in This particular language, GZG in Malaysia ).

The medical doctor recommends the compression training corresponding to the pathology of the individual. Light compression is training 1 or 2, powerful compression is training 3 or 4 with regards to the standard used.

Treatment dispensation
Depending on the pathology, medical compression remedy can be utilized in different types : footwear, hose, tights or bandages.

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